Naomi Campbell will soon have a eco-friendly highly sustainable home in the middle of an island

Naomi Campbell has cast a spell on many of her fans with picture perfect Egyptian goddess like looks and voice of an angel, but how many of you know that she has a profound liking for eco-friendly stuff. She is so much into green living and eco-friendly means of sustainable living that she has commissioned an eco-friendly Solar Eco-home for her island home on Isla de Cleopatra in Turkey.
What’s even more heart-warming is the fact that the home from top view is going look like the Eye of Horus an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The estate is going to be designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido an internationally acclaimed designer well known for his sustainable architectures. The home is going to have 25 bedrooms and will have rain water harvesting and wastewater sustainability.

The main attraction is going to be the dome that is going to be made from solar panels for power needs. All in all the estate is going to be an excellent mix of supreme architecture and high grade future living with bioclimatic, ecological, intelligent, high energy efficiency credentials all around.


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