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Man builds a solar powered tractor at home

As the world is turning towards green energy, solar powered cars can be seen around on a regular basis. But what we don’t see often is a solar powered tractor. So here’s one for you.Terry, an Arkansas based man who is also referred as “MacGyver”

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Wind powered trains coming to Britain soon

We’ve seen everything from carbon emitting steam engine trains to the recent electric ones that have proved to be a boon for the environment. Taking the green evolution a step further, this time around trains are all set to utilize wind energy. In an attempt

Abandoned train transformed into a bookstore

Abandoned train transformed into a bookstore in France

Reading your favorite novel while enjoy the picturesque scenic beauty through train’s small windows sounds like a beautiful dream, isn’t it? To give you the opportunity to relive those wonderful memories here is an unusual bookstore. Located in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France, this eccentric bookstore has given