Underwater Photographer of the Year Winners 2024

Alex Dawson, a Swedish photographer, was named the 2024 Underwater Photographer of the Year for his winning entry, "Whale Bones." Dawson's work was chosen from over 6,500 submissions from around the world for its artistic merit and emotional narrative.

Bottled Blenny

Image: Kirsty Andrews


Image: Kat Zhou

Grey Whale Connection 

Image: Rafael Fernandez Caballero

 Potbelly Seahorse

Image: Talia Greis

Aquatic Primate

Image: Suliman Alatiqi

Nudi on Fire

Image: Enrico Somogyi

The End Of A Baitball

Image: Rafael Fernandez Caballero

Attack From Above

Image: Jon Anderson

Twilight Smile

Image: Rodolphe Guignard

Whale Bones

Image: Alex Dawson

Double Pygmy

Image: Byron Conroy


Image: Sarah O’Gorman

Mouth to Mouth

Image: JingGong Zhang

Chieftain Tanks

Image: Martin Broen