By Gaurav/Bharat 09/07/22


India bans manufacture, import, hording, distribution, sale, and use of 19 single-use plastic items wef July 1, 2022

Single-use plastic is used only once and then discarded

It accounts for third of all plastic produced globally

India generates estimated 11.8 million metric tonnes of single-use plastic in a year

There is little reliable data on how much of it is recycled

Earbuds Balloon Sticks Ice-Cream Sticks Plastic Straws,  Plates, Cups,  Glasses, Forks, Spoons, Knives, Plastic Trays

What's Banned

Plastic in Packaging of  Sweet Boxes Invitation Cards PVC Banners under 100 microns Polystyrene used for decoration

What's Banned

Complete ban on Sachets using plastic material for packing or selling of Gutkha, Tobacco, Cigarette, and Pan Masala

Anyone disobeying the ban could face five-year jail or fine of Rs 100,000 or both

  Supply Constraint Unemployment  Immediate cost inflation of alternative use items like paper straws etc.

Mismanaged ban will lead to

Since Govt has no alternatives to support large unorganized / manufacturing sector

All sectors will take a long time in transition

All the street vendors and companies manufacturing plastic bags and other single-use plastic face losses or closure

UNLESS they can     use / manufacture alternatives

Rs 10,000 crore industry which employs over 4,00,000 people

Mismanaged ban will kill


Fines and Bans will be little deterrent to cost increase and habit change