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new organic 3d printed photovoltaic

New 3D printed organic photovoltaic works best under cloudy sky

Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory have claimed to have 3D printed an organic photovoltaic that work better on cloudy days, or say is at it’s maximum efficiency in low light conditions. Away from presently used crystalline silicon photovoltaic, these cells are made up of

A Nigerian student built a car that can run on solar and wind power

A Nigerian student builds wind and solar powered car

A Nigerian student built a car that runs on two renewable energy sources, solar and wind power. The student has also developed an software that can tell about the battery levels, location of the car, and that how many miles a car can go in

Crushed bird egg revived

An unbelievable egg survival story

In a world filled with materialistic love and the race for crushing everyone who comes in the path of progress an act of humanity can seriously change your perception. Meet this new born Kakapo named Lisa who was not destined to born but actually did.