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Understanding How Climate Change Impacts Residents in Hot Zones

Rising global temperatures affect all populations — some significantly more than others. People living in hot zones are more vulnerable to physiological stress, aggravated risk of illness, and possible fatalities from climate change. Changing climatic conditions have worsened these hot zones, leading to a myriad

Earth Will Run Out of Water, Are We Still Unconcerned?

Earth Will Run Out of Water, Are We Still Ignorant?

It is so easy to forget that resources like food and water are not limitless. The extreme weather events and increasing demand from the ever-rising populace put things in perspective for many people when water security is threatened. A recent study has warned that the


Components of Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation

Agriculture is critical to achieving sustainable development worldwide: it ensures social and economic development, as well as environmental protection. The special role of agriculture is explained by the fact that it is the closest to nature, compared to other spheres of human activity. Agriculture has


Why are the Himalayas Ecologically Sensitive and Disaster Prone?

The Himalayan mountain range, separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau, is an extremely ecologically sensitive zone. The range is among the youngest mountain ranges in the world and consists mostly of uplifted sedimentary and metamorphic rock. With a dynamic and