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Planet Custodian is an environmental awareness magazine that highlights the burning issues and thoughtful insights about air pollution, climate change,  deforestation, global warming and the growing concern about plastic pollution for its readers. In wake of things, Planet Custodian strives towards achieving green and sustainable living for a cleaner and greener future.

Planet Custodian believes that unified efforts can make a big change when it comes to rectifying the deep impact the human-beings are having on the ecosystem. Small changes initiated by the masses can lead to amplified results that ensure a safe future for coming generations on planet earth.

The relentless efforts of our dedicated team and the growing awareness about conserving the planet promise to restore our haven back to its original state in the coming decades.


The Editorial Team  

Gaurav Sood – Editor-in-Chief

Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav Sood acquaints the readers with everything environmentally-friendly in the cloud. Gaurav likes to observe nature, write thought-provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. And his food for thought on scrambling up impactful articles comes from his love for ambient music scores.

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Yash Sharma – Managing Editor

Yash, born and brought up in the Himalayas, holds a Master’s degree in Journalism & Mass Comm. He is passionate about finding new and amazing stuff online and spends most of his time exploring the infinite world of the internet. He enjoys writing about a wide range of topics including green tech and design. You will find him exploring the countryside when he is offline.

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Bharat Bhushan – Publishing Editor

Bharat writes about latest gadgets, toys, robots and new technologies across various platforms. In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the internet for endless questions. He’s a die-hard football fan and a big foodie who wants to host Man v. Food someday.

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Megha Sharma – Social Media Manager

Megha Sharma is an accomplished digital marketer with a Bachelors Degree in marketing. Writing comes naturally to her since she has an eye for detail. Megha has been able to deliver optimum ROI for her clients in the digital arena and is an expert on managing online reputation for individuals and brands. Daydreaming, listening to music, eating and collecting fashion accessories are her favorite spare-time activities.

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Priya Chauhan – Staff Writer

Aspiring to be an accomplished writer, Priya is also passionate about art. Reading novels, painting and watching TV shows are her favorites in the long list of hobbies. She also loves to travel and meet new people.

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Madan – Contributor

Madan has been writing about eco-friendly gadgets and technologies for over 5 years now. He has an inclination for all things green and wonderful. He is a local social activist with a global vision. When not writing, Madan can be seen capturing the best of urban wildlife in his DSLR lens.

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Sunil Chandel – Contributor

Sunil has been writing about the environment, consumer gadgets and home improvement ideas for the last couple of years. When he is not writing, you can find him riding his Royal Enfield, listening to music and showing off his football skills.

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Media requests: [email protected]

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