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Europe Energy Crisis

Lights Out in Europe as Winter Approaches

The world is dealing with countless problems at once, and it’s impossible not to talk about them. Climate change-induced heatwaves and wildfires are toasting half of the globe, Ukraine is trying to survive a dictator, people are drowning in the devastating floods in Pakistan, and

Wyoming to Open World’s Largest Carbon Removal Facility

Wyoming to Open World’s Largest Carbon Removal Facility

One of the world’s biggest carbon emitters, America is slowly but surely working toward lowering its detrimental impact on the environment. The US climate tech company CarbonCapture, specializing in direct air capture (DAC) systems based on brilliant modular open systems architecture, has partnered with leading

World First Anti-Pollution Helmet

World First Anti-Pollution Helmet is Made in India

Delhi, famous for its historical architecture, pubs, and bazaars also holds an infamous record under its belt. The capital city of India has topped the global list of the world’s most polluted capitals for four consecutive years. A major chunk of this air pollution comes

Contra-Rotating Vertical Turbines by World Wide Wind

Contra-Rotating Vertical Turbines to Double Energy Production

Wind power has become an essential source of renewable energy in times when humankind is working toward shedding its dependency on fossil fuels. While there are many big companies generating significant amounts of wind power, Norway-based firm World Wide Wind is developing a new type