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NASA Will Soon Take Off World’s First Electric Airplane, X-57 Maxwell

NASA Will Soon Test World’s First Electric Airplane, X-57 Maxwell

We all have always associated NASA with space exploration missions, but America’s renowned agency is working hard on creating the world’s first electric airplane called X-57 Maxwell, changing the space agency’s perceived image. The new airplane is lightweight, hence it uses less power to cover

World’s First ECOLOGO-Certified Gaming Mice by Razer

World’s First ECOLOGO-Certified Gaming Mice by Razer

To commemorate World Environment Day 2022, Razer has announced that its two gaming mice – the Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential – are now ECOLOGO-certified. These are the world’s first gaming mice to get an ECOLOGO certification by UL, a global safety science leader.

10+ Types of Sustainable Homes for Lower Carbon Footprint

With rapid urbanization, human settlements are impacting the planet in so many harmful ways that it has become imperative to amend our ways of building. Sustainable housing or green architecture gets its name due to its environmentally safe building designs. There are many types of

Nvidia Launches Liquid-Cooled GPUs

Nvidia Unveils Liquid-Cooled GPUs to Reduce Energy Consumption

Many talented engineers are at AMD and Intel are trying to make their CPUs highly power-efficient with less heat generation. However, Graphics chip-maker Nvidia has come up with its liquid-cooled graphics processing units. With their new GPUs, the company aims to offer a more efficient