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E-Waste Recycling

The Perils of E-Waste and Easy Ways to Dispose of

Electronic waste (commonly known as e-waste) is a growing type of environmental pollution in the current era. Humankind’s excessive dependence on electronic devices has led to massive production, and even growing waste being added to landfills on a regular basis. On an annual basis, the

Himachal's Transport Department to Switch to Electric Vehicles

Himachal Pradesh Transport Department Will Shift to Electric Vehicles

Himachal Pradesh government has recently announced that the state’s transport department will make a complete switch from its fleet of diesel and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu led the ceremonial launch of electric vehicles for the state transportation department.

5 Eco-Friendly Electric Cars for Hilly Regions

Many people are inclined towards eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs), also known as green vehicles, to reduce their carbon footprint in the environment. With people in our country becoming more environmentally aware, electricity-powered cars have got a major acceptance. Since the Indians are realizing the competence


Sustainable Fashion Tips You Should Follow in 2023

Fast fashion trends have integrated themselves deep into our lives. We have been so blind by the new, shiny clothing styles that it has become incredibly challenging to shed this habit and take the time to inspect the impact of fashion on the environment. There