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Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic Bags

5 Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Even though I don’t like plastic, the convenience this non-biodegradable material has offered since its invention over a century ago cannot be denied. And I get the hypocrisy, as we all – even though people advocating the shedding of plastic – use it inadvertently and

10+ Types of Sustainable Homes for Lower Carbon Footprint

With rapid urbanization, human settlements are impacting the planet in so many harmful ways that it has become imperative to amend our ways of building. Sustainable housing or green architecture gets its name due to its environmentally safe building designs. There are many types of

Best Eco-Hotels, Lodges in the World

Traveling Green: 10 Best Eco-Hotels and Lodges in the World

An eco-hotel, also called green hotel, is an environmentally-sustainable hotel that has been erected to minimize its impact on the natural environment. The key features to look for in a green hotel are its practices of green living, including the use of renewable energy, organic

Nike’s One Box Shoebox Reduces Packaging Waste by Half

Nike’s One Box Shoebox Reduces Packaging Waste by Half

Nike’s One Box is a sustainable alternative to the brand’s typical method of shipping in a shoebox within a large shipping box. With this new eco-friendly shoebox, the brand is aiming to cut back on wastage caused by conventional shipping boxes. According to Nike’s custom