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Thailand Businesses Thrive on Cannabis

Thai Businesses Thrive on Cannabis, But to What End?

The Thailand government has eased restrictions on cannabis, encouraging business interest in the drug with cannabis-infused desserts, bubble tea, toothpaste, soaps, and snacks. These products are allowed to contain cannabidiol which does not get consumers high. However, health officials say that they only want to

Best Reusable Straws

Save Environment, Get These Reusable Straws from Amazon

A few years ago, a mind-jolting image of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose sparked a ditch single-use plastic straw movement. With tremendous efforts by dedicated environmentalists, most companies decided to switch plastic straws with paper substitutes and began to search

Single-Use Plastic alternatives in India

What Alternatives Can India Adopt After Single-Use Plastic Ban?

To curb the mountain of single-use plastic waste, India has banned 19 single-use plastic items within effect from July 1, 2022. The country has prohibited the manufacturing, import, storage, distribution, sale, and use of certain objects that include plastic sticks, invitation cards, gift wrappings, plastic

Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle

Carlsberg Green Fiber Bottle Brings New Era of Sustainable Packaging

In recent years, consumers are increasingly more concerned about their environmental impact on the planet. In response, brands are also looking for alternative packaging solutions to minimize their environmental footprint. Keeping up with the sustainability trend, even the world-renowned beer maker Carlsberg Group invented a

Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic Bags

5 Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Even though I don’t like plastic, the convenience this non-biodegradable material has offered since its invention over a century ago cannot be denied. And I get the hypocrisy, as we all – even though people advocating the shedding of plastic – use it inadvertently and

10+ Types of Sustainable Homes for Lower Carbon Footprint

With rapid urbanization, human settlements are impacting the planet in so many harmful ways that it has become imperative to amend our ways of building. Sustainable housing or green architecture gets its name due to its environmentally safe building designs. There are many types of