Scotland’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Begins Operations, Generates First Power

Located 16.7 miles off the coast of Angus in eastern Scotland, Seagreen offshore wind farm has generated its first power. This $3.54 billion project is Scotland’s largest offshore venture. This fixed-bottom offshore wind farm is located about 194 feet deep in the water.

The farm is using 114 Vestas 10 megawatt (MW) turbines installed in December 2021 and its first wind turbine became operational on August 22, 2022 and was connected to the grid. It was also the first 10 MW offshore wind turbine installed in Europe. The 1,075 MW farm is likely to be fully functional in the first half of 2023.

Scotland’s Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm Generates First Power

Image: SSE Renewables / TotalEnergies

According to Paul Cooley, director of offshore Wind at SSE Renewables;

We often talk about key milestones along a project’s journey, and Seagreen has had a number to date, but to see this turbine turning in the North Sea and to have reached first power safely, is a fantastic achievement for everyone connected to the project. The project has already brought several benefits to the local community, the UK supply chain and, once completed, Seagreen will make a significant contribution to Scotland and the UK’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

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Owned by French energy giant TotalEnergies and UK clean energy developer SSE Renewables, the Seagreen offshore wind farm will generate around 5,000 GWh of clean renewable energy annually once it begins operations. This amount of energy can provide power to over 1.6 million UK households or two-thirds of all households in Scotland.

SSE Renewable is working on the development and construction of the Seagreen project on the behalf of the collaboration with TotalEnergies. It will also operate the wind farm after the construction completion for its planned 25-year service.

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