Pet Dog Guards Owner’s Body From Wild Animals in Bir Billing Snow for Two Days

Dogs are man’s best friend, family, and greatest companions come what may. This has again been proven affirmative in Himachal Pradesh’s Paragliding haven, Bir Billing, where the bodies of two people were recovered guarded by their pet dog.

The man, Abhinandan Gupta (30), a resident of Pathankot, and his friend Pranita Wala (26) from Pune had reportedly come to Bir Billing (preferred destination for paragliding located at an altitude of over 8,000 feet) in Kangra district, where the two went missing in the snow while heading for the take-off point for paragliders.

They were accompanied by Abhinandan’s pet German Shepard, named Alpha, when they reportedly slipped in snow and fell into a deep gorge before succumbing to their injuries. Footprints at the scene are suggestive that the deceased may have attempted to climb out, but failed, and then eventually lost to the chilling cold.

Dog-gurads-owner,-friend-body-for-two-days in Bir Billing Himachal Pradesh

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According to the police report, the dog had stood guard over the bodies for almost two days before the bodies were rescued. Alpha was heard barking and whining, which the search party followed to reach the deceased that were lying on the side of a trail, some three kilometres below the take-off point the duo was headed for.

“For almost two days, the dog guarded the bodies, which bore marks of attack by wild animals,” the police informed.

Interestingly, according to the police’s account, when the rescue team recovered the bodies, Alpha accompanied the team on foot to Bir from where the bodies of the deceased were handed over to their family.

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