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WNWN Debuts Cocoa-Free Chocolate

WNWN Debuts Cocoa-Free Chocolate to Protect our Planet and People

London-based company WNWN Food Labs has come up with a brand new and ethical way of manufacturing chocolates with their cocoa-free chocolate. Dubbed the Alt-Chocolate, this new confection is vegan, cocoa-free, gluten-free, theobromine-free, and low in sugar content than other chocolates. The ingredients – barley

Extreme Floods Leave Millions Homeless in India & Bangladesh-1

Extreme Floods Leave Millions Homeless in India and Bangladesh

People in India and Bangladesh were already facing the troubling intense heatwave. But now deadly floods have brought extreme misery to both countries. Following extreme heatwaves since March, heavy rainfall has washed away many villages, train stations, towns, and buildings in these countries. Now millions