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Pros and Cons of Mud House

Highlighting Pros and Cons of Mud Houses

A mud house is a building constructed with the soil dug from the same land where the house is built. There are several pros and numerous cons to building a mud house, which one should be familiar with before committing to making one. The soil

Climate Responsive Architecture

Climate-Responsive Architecture and its Significance

There was a time when man slept on tree branches. Then came the mud and stone huts with thatched roofs, which by the way are still a part of many cultures around the world. Sustainable and weather-resistant, these structures were then evolved into concrete homes,

10+ Types of Sustainable Homes for Lower Carbon Footprint

With rapid urbanization, human settlements are impacting the planet in so many harmful ways that it has become imperative to amend our ways of building. Sustainable housing or green architecture gets its name due to its environmentally safe building designs. There are many types of

Best Eco-Hotels, Lodges in the World

Traveling Green: 10 Best Eco-Hotels and Lodges in the World

An eco-hotel, also called green hotel, is an environmentally-sustainable hotel that has been erected to minimize its impact on the natural environment. The key features to look for in a green hotel are its practices of green living, including the use of renewable energy, organic

Sustainable Cabins of 21st Century

Top Sustainable Cabins of This Century for Eco-Living

Living a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle means that it protects the planet, has a lesser impact on the environment, and encourages green energy utilization. The 21st century is seeing a rise in sustainable architectural designs that promote eco-living, both as a permanent residence and for

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

10 Best Green Treehouses in the World

Treehouses have become an architectural marvel, which keeps on evolving with contemporary design trends and materials. This way of living has gained much popularity in recent times while offering luxury accommodations and remarkable views. Given the architectural impact on the environment, the best treehouses have