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E-Waste Recycling

The Perils of E-Waste and Easy Ways to Dispose of

Electronic waste (commonly known as e-waste) is a growing type of environmental pollution in the current era. Humankind’s excessive dependence on electronic devices has led to massive production, and even growing waste being added to landfills on a regular basis. On an annual basis, the

Unless Regenerative Sneaker_1

Degenerate by Unless is a Plastic-Free, Compostable Shoe

Lessening the carbon footprint is always a goal of those who choose a minimalistic lifestyle. One of the most important choices is what you buy or consume. There aren’t too many options when it comes to sustainable clothing but there are numerous designers creating things

35+ Stunning Driftwood Sculptures Created by James Doran-Webb

James Doran-Webb, aged 54, is a Birmingham-based master craftsman. He had been all over the web for his breathtaking ‘galloping horse sculptures’ made from driftwood. James Doran-Webb has created a marvelous collection of life-size animal sculptures made from driftwood. The details of the sculptures are

Akasa Air uniform made from recycled items

Akasa Air’s Crew Uniforms are Eco-conscious & Employee-Centric

India’s newest airline, Akasa Air, has ditched the cliche heels, pencil skirts, and saris with new comfortable and chic crew uniforms. They have recently unveiled eco-conscious and employee-centric crew uniforms to keep their employees comfortable and happy. The fabric used for making these sustainable uniforms