Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds, Kreis Cup is For Sustainable Brew Time

Kreis Recycled Coffee Cup

Image: Kickstarter

Considering that coffee is the third-most consumed beverage in the world, it generates tonnes of waste worldwide. After brewing a cup of coffee, coffee grounds are often discarded. This generates a large amount of food waste in landfills or oceans. Well, not anymore! You may be able to solve the problem of coffee ground discarding with the new Kreis Cup.

It is a sustainable and durable coffee cup made from recycled coffee grounds. And, since it’s made from the coffee itself, this sustainable cup also smells like your favorite beverage.

Available in travel-mug and cup styles, this recycled coffee cup consists of 30 percent reused coffee grounds and other plant-based materials. Hence, it contains no toxic petroleum-based plastics. After use, it can biodegrade itself within a few months, unlike plastic-based travel or regular coffee mugs. After reaching the end of its lifespan, the Kreis Cup can disintegrate itself into the soil and leave nothing behind, making it eco-friendly.

Kreis Recycled Coffee Cup

Image: Kickstarter

Designed to be part of the circular economy, the Kreis cup solves two major problems of coffee consumption. One is to recycle discarded coffee grounds that otherwise get thrown in landfills. And, another is to decrease human dependence on travel mugs/cups which are another problem for the environment.

The reusable and durable Kreis Cups are going to encourage people to generate lesser waste. These recycled coffee cups are also break-proof. It means that they are likely to last longer, easy to maintain, and are dishwasher-safe. They even have a natural propensity for heat retention longer than ceramic cups. So, you can keep your coffee or tea warmer for a longer time.

You can find the Kreis Cup in a set of three products – a 12oz (335ml) cup, a 14oz (415ml) travel mug with a detachable sipper lid, and a saucer to complement the cup. If you travel a lot, the travel mug is great for your on-the-go caffeine needs. On the other hand, the cup and saucer are ideal for enjoying your coffee at home.

Currently, the makers of this recycled coffee cup are seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Those interested in buying can get them at $25.99 for the Kreis Travel Cup, $14.99 for the Kreis Latte Cup, and $5.99 for the saucer.

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