10+ DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees You Can Make This Year

Christmas is knocking at our doors. With the arrival of the festivities, preparations for the celebration have begun with gusto. Christmas trees are the heart of the holiday festivities but at the cost of millions of trees that are cut down every Christmas, leading to large-scale deforestation and CO2 emission. Adapting the idea of DIY eco-friendly Christmas trees, however, can help save the planet a bit.

You can make a beautiful Christmas tree by using stuff like old newspaper flayers, cardboard, scrap wood, and other unused items at home and help the environment. If you are keen to celebrate this Christmas in an eco-friendly way,  check out these amazing alternatives that will surely fill your heart with joy and satisfy your soul.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Pick up unused pallets to transform them into a beautiful 2D Christmas tree and add a purpose to the celebration. You can use a single plank to make the trunk, then attach a few planks at different links to create the tree shape. You can style it as per your taste.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree - DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas trees

Image: Wilshire Collections

Newspaper Tree

A newspaper loses its purpose once the information it holds is old. Although it can be used for various purposes around the house. If you have already exhausted all the possible ways to reuse it and you are about to send off them to the recycling bin, hold on. You can make a really interesting Christmas tree with it.

Cardboard Cut-Outs

Cardboard boxes are abundantly available at the recycle centers. You can easily create some really creative and amazing Christmas trees using cardboard cuttings. The best part is cardboard cut-outs are lightweight and sturdy, and you can preserve them for next year.

 Stacked Stick Tree

Add a trendy touch to your tree by using stacked sticks. All you need is to cut the sticks in incremental lengths, drill a hole in the center of the sticks, and thread them together. You can also use a pipe instead of a thread. Lastly, attach the rod to the flat base and keep placing a wood piece or stick on top of another, and your stylish Christmas tree is ready!

 Wooden Tree Hanging

This DIY wooden Christmas tree hanging is quite easy to make. The wooden tree cuttings are attached to a circular top by a rope, which holds them like a wind chime. Well, that’s it and your fascinating tree is ready.

Wooden Tree Mobile_pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Ladder Christmas Tree

Have you ever thought of using your climbing ladder as a Christmas tree? If not, you should definitely try this unusual idea this year. You need a wooden ladder, a few planks, and some paint. And, beautify it with gifts and ornaments. Get the tutorial here.

Ladder Christmas tree_ Instructables

Image: Instructables

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Make yourself a driftwood Christmas tree this year. It will cost you practically nothing and is easy to make. All you need to do is to collect as much driftwood as you can and fashion a tree out of it. Try out this incredible idea with the help of this tutorial.

Driftwood Christmas tree_Threadbare Cloak - DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas trees

Image: Threadbare Cloak

Book Christmas Tree

If you are not making the best use of books in your cupboard, it is time to convert your collection into a book Christmas tree. Assemble some of the books on the floor, and add more books on top of it turning it into a triangle. Afterward, decorate it with ornaments or LED lights. Follow this easy DIY to make such a unique Christmas tree.

Book Christmas tree

Image: mediatinker

Wall Art Christmas Tree

Are you someone who is bored of using objects to make a Christmas tree? Well, then you should definitely try this easy-to-make, sustainable wall art Christmas tree. The best thing about this wall art tree is that you do not have to take it down, you can keep it as it is.

Wall art Christmas tree_Apartment Therapy

Image: Apartment Therapy

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Are you a wine lover? If yes, you should definitely try making this exclusive Christmas tree out of wine corks. Intrigued? Follow the tutorial to know how to make it.

Wine cork Christmas tree_Kendall-Jackson

Image: Kendall-Jackson

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Celebrate ‘no waste Christmas’ and add value to the festivity by making this wrapping paper Christmas tree. Cut pieces of wrapping paper, roll them in tubes of different lengths and stick them in ascending order with a beautiful tree topper on top. Try out the DIY for yourself.

Wrapping Paper Christmas tree_alittletipsy - DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas trees

Image: Alittletipsy

Christmas Tree from Glass Bottles

Make the best out of empty beer/wine bottles. Assemble them vertically or horizontally to make a triangular shape and then decorate it with lights.

Christmas tree from Glass Bottles_Evite - DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas trees

Image: Evite

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