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Manila, Philippines.

Heartbreaking pictures show childhood being spent in garbage

According to a World Bank Report, by 2100 the waste production of the world is likely to increase to 11 million metric tons per day -three times of what we are producing currently. Urbanization and industrialization are picking pace and with it comes piles of

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100 percent recycled plastic bottles from Ice River Springs

With an initiative to reduce energy and recycle plastic, Canada-based water bottling company Ice River Springs has unveiled 15 liter bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The new bottles slated to sell under Arrowhead brand name have been made primarily for water cooler. For

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ERO Concrete Recycling Robot tears down buildings efficiently

Those monstrous machines (cranes, excavators and bulldozers) and destructive explosives tearing-down humongous structures just like some fragile toy house have always fascinated me. The experience is almost like watching some thrilling action movie. But what comes across as exciting action to most of us is