Would You Drink Singapore’s New Beer Made of Sewage Water and Urine?

Would You Drink Singapore’s New Beer Made of Sewage Water and Urine-CNA

Image: NDTV

Beer is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages. However, brewing your favorite beer needs a lot of water. In fact, it requires over 90 percent of drinking water. Since water scarcity is a primary concern throughout the world due to increasing global warming, countries are taking various measures to raise awareness on the matter. In such an attempt, Singapore’s national water agency PUB teamed up with local craft beer brewery Brewerkz. Together they have come up with a beer dubbed NEWBrew that includes recycled water from sewage and urine.

According to the water agency, this eco-friendly beer contains NEWater that’s Singapore’s new model of high-quality, fresh recycled water. Reportedly, this water consists of a liquid recycled from sewage. After the recycling process, the makers filter and pump the NEWater into the country’s water supply. The authorities say that the NEWater meets the international standards of safe drinking water. Hence, it’s clean enough to make beer.

Would You Drink Singapore’s New Beer Made of Sewage Water and Urine-CNA

Image: CNA

According to Brewerkz, the NewBrew is a quaffable beer that’s suitable for Singapore’s tropical climate with the toasted, smooth honey-life aftertaste. The NEWBrew consisting of NEWater also includes the finest ingredients, like aromatic Citra, premium German barley malts, and Calypso hops. Besides all that, it even has kveik, a premium strain of farmhouse yeast from Norway.

Although the makers say that it is perfectly safe to have this newly brewed beer, netizens are freaking out about this concept of brewing. The internet users are sharing a lot of hilarious memes and shocking reactions to this latest beer-making attempt!

What do you think about Singapore’s attempt to make new beer made of sewage water?

FYI: It is not the first craft beer made using recycled water. In 2017, Stone Brewing, San Diego-based craft beer company, launched the Stone Full Circle Pale Ale using recycled water.


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