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Dutch Student Modifies his Motorcycle to Run on Swamp Gas

Dutch Student Modifies his Motorcycle to Run on Swamp Gas

A Dutch student, Gijs Schalkx skillfully modifies his motorcycle to run on swamp gas! An inventor and art student, Schalkx has named his vehicle Sloot Motor (sloot means ‘ditch’ in Dutch), which runs on methane procured from roadside bogs and ponds. This resourceful Sloot Motor

Solar-Powered ambulances

100% Solar-powered ambulances to save lives in Bangladesh’s rural regions

Bangladesh is about to run, first-of-its-kind, three-wheeled ambulances that are entirely powered by solar-energy including the lighting. The ambulance is well-equipped, cheaper, and faster than hand-pulled rickshaw’s that are currently in use. It can work in rural areas with no electricity. Moreover, the poverty-stricken health

Delhi introduces first electric bus to its fleet of DTC buses

Taking cognizance of rate at which air pollution is rising in Delhi, the state government is taking some active measures. After successful completion of Odd-Even formula’s trial run, the government is introducing eco-friendly mode of public transport in form of Electric Buses. The first electric

21-year-old engineer plans India’s first hybrid-electric supercar

The M-Zero concept, that could be India’s first homemade supercar, is designed by a 21-year-old entrepreneur, Sarthak Paul. Paul is a recent university graduate and has formed Mean Metal Motors (MMM) – an Indian automotive startup with automotive engineers from Manipal Institute of Technology. The