Nissan Leaf’s New Avatar – Illuminated Christmas Tree Powered by Regenerative Energy

Electric vehicles have taken the world by the storm, virtually making them the talk of the town for their eco-friendly credentials. Right from Tesla to the BMW i3, EV’s are the norm these days owing to escalating climate change concerns. Right in time for the Holiday Season and the fast-approaching Christmas celebration, Nissan has revealed a one-off version of their Leaf electric car oozing with the Christmas theme.

Image: Motor1

They call it the Nissan Tree, and as you might have guessed by now, it is a rolling Christmas tree on all fours. The EV is embellished with thousands of decorative LED lights which are powered by the hatchback’s regenerative braking system. Essentially when the car slows down or there is a need for hard braking, the energy released during this process is stored in the battery for use later.

Now, under normal circumstances, this stored energy gives the vehicle those extra horses when needed. For this custom electric vehicle, Nissan connected the battery to the holiday lights draped all over the car.

Helen Perry, head of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe;

We hope this custom-made vehicle inspires people about the benefits of regenerative energy. After nearly ten years since Leaf was first introduced in Europe, Nissan continues to be fully focused on providing consumers a more sustainable lifestyle through electric mobility.

The core idea is to make people aware of the benefits of owning an EV. According to Nissan, while driving the Leaf for 11,000 miles, approximately 744 kilo-watt-hours of energy is produced. This is equivalent to 20% of the energy required for powering an average household for a whole month.

Image: Motor1

For fact sake, most of the non-electric vehicles don’t make use of the clean regenerative energy which is all gone to waste.

Nissan’s hatchback, however, is one of the best regenerative energy harnessing EVs, so the company thought why not add a little bling to it and rock the streets on Christmas night!

Via: Electrek

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