Bengaluru’s Installation ‘I<3Bluru' Encourages Cleanliness and Waste Management

In October, Bengaluru-based design hub 10by10 studio unveiled Vital’uru, which is an art installation at the Bangalore Art and Design Festival – Designuru 2.0. Composed of mild steel, chicken mesh, digital waste, dry waste, paper and plants, and non-degradable waste like paper, cans, and electric worn-outs that fill the installation which spell out ‘I<3Bluru’ letters.

Vital’uru (The City of Vitalities) has been installed at The Metro Art Center on MG Road, Bengaluru, and measures 5 ft. in height and 21 ft. in length. The small structure pays tribute to the city and preaches the importance of waste management, segregation, and large-scale recycling and up-cycling while encouraging people to take actions.

Bengaluru Displays Installation 'I<3Bluru' to Encourage Cleanliness and Waste Management

Image: PR Newswire

10by10 Studio strives to demonstrate the potential of large-scale up-cycling through its first public art installation. Simultaneously, the piece of art represents a garbage collection zone in a very aesthetic manner to illustrate the practice of waste segregation. Around the installation, sensors are embedded that light up the installation after sensing movement.

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The artistic appeal of this model makes it more than a mere installation, the idea explores aspects of art, typography, heritage, identity, and awareness relating to the city. The crafted output is meant to invoke the sensibility of people regarding the environment and its well-being.

Recently, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has taken the responsibility for future maintenance of this public installation.

Commenting on the initiative, Rajesh Kumar Das, Director of 10by10 studio said,

We are proud to announce that Vital’uru has gained support from the BBMP. Being already involved in raising awareness about such practices, BBMP has taken the responsibility of future maintenance of the installation, confirming that Vital’uru will permanently add to the iconicity of Bengaluru henceforth.

The Bangalore Art and Design Festival is an annual event, a combined initiative of the citizens of the city and the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), which aims to make the public a part of an art and design based initiation.

Such initiatives always inspire the masses to take actions against the environmental abuse and contamination.

Via: PR Newswire

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