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Seatropolis – A self-sufficient futuristic habitat concept

Seatropolis concept is all about a habitat on the waters when the earth is overcrowded or covered in water due to global warming. One of the biggest threats is that as the temperature will go up, snowcaps will start melting and likely to cover most

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New Taipei City Museum of Art – A sustainable proposal from OODA

Portuguese architect OODA has won a merit award for their design for ‘new Taipei city museum of art international competition. The competition seeking to build a world-class museum which should be modern and includes visionary ideas and planning. The structure is mentionable for both, aesthetics

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FPM GAP Academy: A self-sufficient complex from I|K Studio

I|K Studio has planned a masterplan for a self-sufficient complex named FPM GAP Academy. 50 hectare of area includes designs for harvesting sun and wind power along with retaining water, and biofuel orchards. Ascending plateau divides the campus into academics, farms, from low-cost student, faculty

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Huge self-sufficient Apple Headquarters confirmed

Finally, Apple has confirmed its new campus design in Cupertino, which will be lead by renowned architect foster + partners along with ARUP and Kier & Wright, a local engineering firm. The official design, submitted by Steve Jobs, has been released by the city of

Earthscraper – An inverted skyscraper for urban living

In cities like Mexico, you’ll find it harder to buy a plot as the cities getting more and more crowded. What’s the solution then? A Floating island or a plot on the moon? How about a inverted skyscraper? The idea is feasible with the small