$1.25 million investment brings Seastead Libertarian Sea Colony closer to reality

One of the entries from Seastead Design Contest is going to be turned into reality very soon. One of the wisest investor, Peter Thiel, has invested $1.25 in Seasteading Institute to materialize the concept of floating colonies, which will form micro countries in far of ocean one day. Peter is a successful investor and is a self-made billionaire after he sold PayPal for billions. He wants to work on a island based on libertarian ideals such as no welfare, no minimum wage, looser building codes, and fewer weapons restrictions. If you are not able to recall the design details then in brief, it’s a diesel-powered 12,000 ton structure built on oil rig like platform and can accommodate 270 residents in a single unit. Linking these units together will create a web like structure.

Peter plans to prepare a floating office park off the coast of San Francisco in the upcoming year and full settlement in next 7-8 years. Would you like to join him on a floating nation where there is no law applicable and principles of living are a bit different that those on earth? Some of the scientists and experts consider it an impractical idea that can create greater problems for environment in the future. Whatever, the truth is that human species will need such ideas in the future to lighten the burden on ground.

NewsDiscovery/ Inhabitat

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