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Pet Tree is the future of eco-friendly sustainable plantation

Designed by Hakan Gursu Company Pet Tree is a design for the future where PET bottles that are known to prompt pollution will be used in a multilevel vertical organic planting growing system that saves water by optimally using it. Flower pots will be made

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From cars to Cows

Miina Akkijyrkka was born on July 2, 1949 in Finland and is a Finnish sculptor. She is also a protector of native Finnish cattle breed “Finncattle” that is often kept for dairy production. Miina Akkijyrkka is big fan of cows and that motivated her sculpture

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Seatropolis – A self-sufficient futuristic habitat concept

Seatropolis concept is all about a habitat on the waters when the earth is overcrowded or covered in water due to global warming. One of the biggest threats is that as the temperature will go up, snowcaps will start melting and likely to cover most