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Unless Regenerative Sneaker_1

Degenerate by Unless is a Plastic-Free, Compostable Shoe

Lessening the carbon footprint is always a goal of those who choose a minimalistic lifestyle. One of the most important choices is what you buy or consume. There aren’t too many options when it comes to sustainable clothing but there are numerous designers creating things

Wooden Wind Turbines Creating New Scope for Sustainability in the Wind Industry

Wood Wind Turbines to Bring New Era in Wind Energy Industry

While wind energy is a renewable solution to solve the energy crisis, wind turbines have long posed a pollution problem as they can’t be used or recycled. Well, many manufacturers have been looking to create sustainable and environmentally- friendly turbine blades. To that accord, Voodin

2022 Champions of Earth Award to Honor Climate Changemakers

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) got around 2,200 nominations for its yearly Champions of Earth award in 2022, setting a new record. This is the highest honor in the environmental category that recognizes individuals and organizations working in various fields such as academia, civil

American Companies Going Green - McDonald's

Top American Companies Lessening Their Carbon Footprint

The idea of living sustainably has gained immense popularity in recent years, but whether people grasp the complexity of the idea is a topic for debate. Numerous brands are working to lessen their carbon emissions and make their products eco-friendly with promises to help the