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35+ Stunning Driftwood Sculptures Created by James Doran-Webb

James Doran-Webb, aged 54, is a Birmingham-based master craftsman. He had been all over the web for his breathtaking ‘galloping horse sculptures’ made from driftwood. James Doran-Webb has created a marvelous collection of life-size animal sculptures made from driftwood. The details of the sculptures are

Top Ten Affordable Green Travel Destinations in World

Top Ten Affordable Green Travel Destinations in the World

Sustainable travel is usually thought of as one rife with luxury and quite expensive, which is why people often avoid it. However, there are many eco-friendly and budget-friendly places around the world that can satiate your wanderlust as you travel sustainably. Many countries are following

Tom Ford Turns Ocean Plastic into New Swiss-Made N.004 Watch

Tom Ford Turns Ocean Plastic Into New N.004 Watch

American fashion designer Tom Ford continues to deliver a positive impact on the environment with the latest N.004 timepiece. This new watch is an extension of the brand’s Ocean Plastic Timepiece series that debuted in 2020. This Swiss-made watch comes in a 27mm x 48.5mm