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Thailand Businesses Thrive on Cannabis

Thai Businesses Thrive on Cannabis, But to What End?

The Thailand government has eased restrictions on cannabis, encouraging business interest in the drug with cannabis-infused desserts, bubble tea, toothpaste, soaps, and snacks. These products are allowed to contain cannabidiol which does not get consumers high. However, health officials say that they only want to

Could Biodegradable Silk Replace Industrial Microplastics?

Can Biodegradable Silk Replace Industrial Microplastics?

With increasing environmental pollution and drastic climatic changes, microplastics have been under constant scrutiny. These tiny plastic particles are found everywhere – in the air, soil, and water – even, in human blood. Amid the rising environmental and health concerns, an MIT research team has

Satellite Tracks Greenland Melt Amid Intense Heatwave

Satellite Tracks Massive Greenland Melt Amid Intense Heatwave

A recent satellite image from the European Union’s Copernicus Earth observation program captured horrors of climate change unfolding at the North Pole. The picture, mesmerizing at first, illustrates a massive ice melt event in Greenland amid an intense heatwave. Acquired by one of the Copernicus

World’s First BioPlastic Vinyl Record

Enjoy Music Guilt-Free With World’s First BioPlastic Vinyl Record

Thanks to the world’s first bioplastic vinyl record, people can listen to their favorite songs without stressing over toxic waste. Created by UK company Evolution Music, these bioplastic records use eco-friendly materials, like sugars and starches, for production, and hopefully, they would replace the toxic

Best Reusable Straws

Save Environment, Get These Reusable Straws from Amazon

A few years ago, a mind-jolting image of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose sparked a ditch single-use plastic straw movement. With tremendous efforts by dedicated environmentalists, most companies decided to switch plastic straws with paper substitutes and began to search