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Yellow-Band Disease is Killing Thailand’s Corals

Yellow-Band Disease is Killing Thailand’s Corals

Climate change has become a cause for so many disruptions in numerous ecosystems, especially the oceans. Ocean acidification, coral bleaching, melting sea ice, and rising sea levels are only a handful among the long list of adverse impacts of rapidly changing climate. In another blow

UN Warns World Heritage Glaciers Will Disappear by 2050

Climate change and rising temperatures are serious concerns for environmentalists. Every year we are seeing the drastic effects of climate change across the globe. As per the latest climate report by the United Nations, about a third of glaciers in the world including World Heritage


Types of Pollution and Their Impact on the Planet

The presence of harmful materials on our planet is known as pollution. These harmful materials called pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic ash, or man-made, such as garbage, industrial runoff and vehicular emissions. Pollution causes adverse changes in the natural environment through chemical substances

Europe Energy Crisis

Lights Out in Europe as Winter Approaches

The world is dealing with countless problems at once, and it’s impossible not to talk about them. Climate change-induced heatwaves and wildfires are toasting half of the globe, Ukraine is trying to survive a dictator, people are drowning in the devastating floods in Pakistan, and

Greenland Ice Sea Levels

Doomed Ice of Greenland Will Raise Sea Levels by 10 Inches

Climate change-triggered glacier melting has escalated throughout the globe, threatening life in the coastal regions. Greenland has been the cause of the most worry as various studies made ice melting projections that are adding dangerous levels of water into the seas. A new study has