Monthly Archives: September 2015

Foam flakes from Bellandur 13

Scary pictures of Bengaluru Lake & roads covered in snowy toxic foam

India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is making headlines worldwide after horrific pictures of toxic froth covering 9,000-acre Bellandpur Lake and roads show up. Nightmarish pictures captured by IT professional Debasish Ghosh show how garbage and toxic industrial waste released into the lake has begun to take horrifying form. The

zero-energy telecommunication network

Bell Labs working on revolutionary zero-power telecommunication network

At Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell labs researchers are working on a tiny device that could revolutionize the way wireless networks deliver telecommunication services to consumers. Perhaps, your cellphones will never lose signal again. Researchers are developing a tiny unit or antennae in shape of a small box that

Animal Aid Unlimited

A heart-touching survival story of an almost dead dog

Animal Aid Unlimited, a Rajasthan-based animal rescue group, saw a dog by roadside. It was nothing more than a hairless mass of meat, covered with open wounds all over his body. He was heading toward the end of a miserable life. The posture and body-language