How can airports decrease their environmental footprints?


By Posted Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 04:32 am GMT -7

green airport

It is no secret that airplanes, much like cars, emit too many greenhouse gases. However, airports can take steps and make an effort to decrease their environmental footprints by adopting green building practices and recycling programs. An airport can lessen its impact on the environment through a variety of ways.

Wind energy

One environmentally friendly tactic that some airports have been putting to good use is the implementation of wind turbines. Boston Logan International Airport has a fleet of 20 miniature wind turbines, each of which generates 100,000 kilowatt-hours every year. Though this is only 3% of the energy that the building needs, that is at least 3% less impact on the environment. If all airports could do this, the method would surely add up. East Midlands Airport in England has also installed two wind turbines, making it the first airport in the United Kingdom to do this.
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Rail construction is now a key driving force in Europe’s construction industry


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European construction giants are increasingly finding themselves working far away from their homesteads, going where development is more rampant and financing more secure than what’s available in the post-crisis Eurozone. Nonetheless, rail projects back home in Europe are proving a reliable source of local revenue for many of these firms, as well as their competitors from outside the continent.

Network Rail, which oversees maintenance and development of the UK’s railway infrastructure, just announced plans to spend a little under £38 billion on revamping the network. The five-year initiative will bring up to 700 more trains, electrifying 850 miles of track, upgrades of several stations, and a new rail link between Oxford and Milton Keynes, as well as replacement of points, tracks, fencing, and platforms. continue reading..

Nanotechnology water filtration: How it can save lives and environment


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Nanotechnology Water Filtration

The United Kingdom is well-known for its rainy days, but has recently seen severe flooding and sink holes. More UK consumers are worried about contamination of their drinking water. The Nanotechnology Water Filtration Technology (NWFT) is one of the latest innovations that has high potential for saving lives and protecting the environment.

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Researcher develop piezoelectric chin strap to harvest energy from chewing


By Posted Friday, September 19th, 2014 01:06 am GMT -7

Chin strap to harvest energy from chewing

Did you know your jaw movement could help generate natural energy? Just in case you were unaware, engineers at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal, Canada have developed a chin strap which lets user harness natural energy. The chin strap helps convert chewing into electricity. Developed with an idea to replace batteries in smaller accessories like earpieces, hearing aids and small gadgets, with batteries powered by renewable source of energy; engineers have created this strap from piezoelectric material to generate 18 microwatts power from 60 seconds of chewing. continue reading..

ResQ – A Solar powered lifeguard from Stillform Design Studio

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By Posted Thursday, September 18th, 2014 05:44 am GMT -7

solar powered rescue board

Nothing holds more value than a human life. We would neglect counting carbon footprint produced while rescuing a human life, using any machine or fuel. However, it’ll be appreciable act if someone could enhance the efficiency of the rescuer and still manage to keep the rescue operation green.

ResQ lifeguard boat is a very decent idea for it does both, boosting the rescuers speed to decrease the time he’ll take to reach the one to be rescued. Every minute counts at such times. continue reading..

Unique boulder homes make Monsanto a ‘Living Museum’


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Monsanto a ‘Living Museum’4
Monsanto, Protugal enjoys a title of being a living museum, which indeed justifies what it represents. The place isn’t hidden to the world, neither the stunning homes shaped from or in huge boulders. There is no concrete, but just living spaces carved using the shape that nature provides. The homes are built either in, on, under and around these boulders. These homes represent 16th century culture, the time period during which they were constructed. Pre-existing rocks and boulders were altered to make them inhabitable, and they also provided a strong fortification at that time. continue reading..

A solar powered ‘Tiny Home’ made from discarded material

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Tiny house by james

It’s a privilege to have a big house, but the way mass consumerism is rising up, it’ll be a favor to the planet to discourage this trend. Living in less materialistic manner and go for minimum spaces, that’s what the tiny house movement in the US preach. It’ll also help many of those who don’t get roof over their head. Inspired from tiny house movement, James Galletly, a carpaenter by profession, has built a multi-purpose space in a tiny house. The house has a single bed, a desk and storage shelves. When required, all of them could be neatly folded to make space for 4-5 people easily. This tiny house is made entirely from discarded materials including cupboards. continue reading..

The Strati- World’s first 3D printed electric car printed live and test driven succesfully


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3d car

After electronics became a common utility, the world is after revolutionizing how the products are manufactured. 3D printing is setting its empire very quickly, even faster than the world had expected it a few years ago.
As a huge leap towards the future of 3D printing, Local Motors has successfully printed and test driven world’s first 3D printed electric car,the Strati, at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The occasion was the International Manufacturing Technology Show. continue reading..

$45, 00 Guitar handcrafted from recycled maple wood skateboard

Recycled Products

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recycled guitar

As an amazing piece of recycled work, a fully functional guitar made from recycled skateboards is on sale for $45, 00. It’s one of its kinds, completely handcrafted in Canada. The fret board and pick guard are made from compressed recycled maple skateboard. John and MJS Custom Pickups have handcrafted the custom pickups from maple wood skateboard. continue reading..

10 wonderful Urban Wildlife captures


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urban wildlife photography2

Watching a lion chasing a dear is hardcore wildlife experience, and wildlife photographer feast on such scenes. Wildlife photography requires appropriate equipments like telescopic lenses so as to maintain a safe distance. continue reading..