10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day 2022

To celebrate Earth Day today, let’s make a pact to incorporate at least a few eco-friendly activities into our lifestyle. By taking small eco-conscious steps throughout the year, we instill in ourselves the responsibility of preserving the environment. After all, our planet has given us everything – food, water, air to breathe, and much more.

Now that our beloved planet is suffering from major environmental impacts, like deforestation, air pollution, water pollution and countless others; it’s time for each one of us to invest in our own little way for the planet.

Here we share with you 10 worthwhile activities to try in your daily life to make the Earth happier and a greener place again.

Plant a tree

While it is one of the simplest Earth day activities, the act of tree plantation has several benefits. Trees are not only vital to give us oxygen and shade but they also clean the air around us. You can start with planting at least one tree in your garden or neighbourhood.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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If not a tree, you can consider planting your own veggies and fruits to benefit the environment, as well as your health. Besides all that, the satisfaction of seeing your planted tree grow is so fulfilling. Just give it a try, and thank us later!

Clean up a park or forest near you

If you often go out for picnics, small treks, or camping with your family or friends, do the clean-up after you leave. It takes just a few minutes to grab some plastic wrappers, bottles, and litter around you. Just put it in a garbage bag and throw it in a garbage bin on your way back home.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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In case you have more time, you can organize a clean-up drive to clean a section of forest, park, or highway near you. It’s best to involve your friends, children, neighbours, and acquaintances for a whole day of cleaning.

Don’t forget to pat each other back after seeing how much trash you have collected in a day. Moreover, you’ll feel happy to do your bit for the surrounding environment.

Ride your bicycle

The lesser cars running on the roads, the lesser the harmful carbon emissions polluting our planet. To do so, you can look for transportation alternative that decreases carbon footprint. For instance, riding a bike is the best option. It is not only good for the environment but also for your health.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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But if you don’t know how to ride a bike, you can consider taking public transportation or carpooling instead of taking your car out for the ride.

Recycle at home whenever possible

All food and beverage packages are easy to recycle at home. You can make a trash can for recycled materials to collect bulky bottles and torn boxes in it. When you get time, take out all the items and see what you can recycle and turn them into useful products. It will be an interesting DIY craft while reducing some amount of junk from the landfills.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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Embarking on such DIY activities is very satisfying and you can create unique looking and customized objects depending on your creativity this Earth Day. We’re sure you’ll be getting complimented whenever someone lays their eyes on your craft.


We are not saying to disconnect all the devices from your life. What we really mean is to unplug the electrical wires from the walls. It is because many devices and appliances still use energy whether or not they are flipped on.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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As per the United States Department of Energy, around 75% of the electricity needed to power a home is used when electrical appliances are turned off. Therefore, it is important to unplug the phone cords, power strips, or cords of other appliances that you are not using. This will help you conserve a lot of energy while making a positive impact on the environment.

Use reusable bags

After you are done shopping, make a habit to stock up the reusable bags. You can again use these reusable bags for grocery shopping or when buying something from the street vendors. Moreover, always ask for paper bags instead of plastic bags. It will help in keeping plastic bags away from the overflowing landfills.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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This small change in lifestyle can have a big impact in the long run if we all follow this habit, and motivate others too to adopt such a lifestyle.

Use refillable bottle for drinking water

Even if you are throwing plastic water bottles into a garbage bin, it does not mean they are not harmful to the planet. There are millions of water bottles that end up in landfills across the world. And, even millions of oil barrels are needed to manufacture these plastic water bottles.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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To make sure that you are not part of this bad environmental practice, it is best to buy a reusable bottle. It is best to choose one with an attached filter to drink fresh water whenever you’re thirsty.

Buy local fruits and vegetables

Besides supporting local businesses, buying vegetables and fruits locally is good for the environment too. That’s because food in grocery stores often travels thousands of miles to reach you.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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But when you buy locally, food has to be transported for only shorter distances that don’t need long transportation nuances. It means lesser carbon emissions due to transportation and handling. Furthermore, you get to enjoy healthy, organic, and seasonable produce.

Take shorter showers

We all love our long hot showers. But there are long-term positive benefits for the environment if we limit our shower time. It is because less water will get wasted when we resist the urge to stand infinitely under the showerhead.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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When we use water responsibly, there will be plenty for others also to use it for basic purposes. Hence, other environmental resources also won’t get impacted to fulfill the water demands that have been indirectly triggered by us.

Buy sustainable and organic clothes

Lastly, you need to consider buying clothes only from brands that use organic and sustainable materials. While these clothes are a bit expensive compared to conventional clothing materials, it’s worth spending money on for high quality. Moreover, you’ll also feel responsible for doing your bit for the environment.

10 Worthwhile Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

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We hope you will find these eco-friendly activities useful and incorporate them into your life to celebrate Earth Day not just today but every day.

Have more Earth Day activities to share? Write them down in the comment section below!

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