Irresistible Advantages of Installing Solar System at Home

Well, it is no hidden fact that solar energy has gained many fans over the past few years. Given the increased awareness about the harmful impacts of fossil fuel consumption, the demand for solar energy has increased even further. It has emerged as a clean source offering electricity for almost everything from our home appliances and lighting fixtures to computers and laptop. There are undeniably many advantages of installing a home solar system.

Advantages of installing solar system at home

However, not many people understand the added benefits of installing a solar system at home. For instance, it can reduce and eliminate your electricity bills. Moreover, you won’t ever have to worry about power outages regardless of weather conditions as these systems are designed to withstand everything, come rain or shine. So, let’s read on to know more about the advantages of a solar system at home.

Reduction in Electricity Bills

One of the biggest and most attractive advantages of installing a home solar system is that it will make significant reductions in your electricity bills, and can help save money on monthly utility expenses. When your home’s energy needs rely on solar panels, your utility costs will go down. Apparently, installing rooftop panels can save up to 95 percent of your monthly electricity bills. If you have an off-grid setup, then you can totally eliminate all your electricity costs.

All you need to do is to get the appropriately sized system and mount it at the appropriate locations where you get maximum sunlight. The upfront cost of installation may seem like a lot, but the long-term savings that you get to enjoy from that initial investment makes it totally worth it.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Harnessing the energy of the sun to power your home is way undoubtedly better for the environment than relying on other sources of energy. Traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas contribute to global warming by generating threatening amounts of carbon emissions. Moreover, these conventional sources are non-renewable and are running out quicker than expected.

While conventional sources of energy such as coal get the job done, they emit dangerous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Here’s where solar energy comes into play. By installing solar panels at your home to fulfill your energy needs, you can do your part for the environment. The renewable energy source is sustainable, eco-friendly, and does not exploit any resources. A solar system will offer you clean power, without leaving any carbon footprint on the environment.

Save Money on Peak Hours

Evidently, the price of electricity from power companies tends to be higher between 11 am and 4 pm. However, if you are employing the services of a solar system, it will be generating the most electricity during those hours. Even if you are not using solar energy to fulfill your entire energy needs, you can employ solar panels during peak hours each day to help you save money on bills.

By equipping your home with a solar-powered system that can be used to operate various appliances and devices, you can save money that can be invested someplace else. During peak hours, you can switch to solar and make significant reductions to the energy you consume from the grid, which will ultimately reduce your utility expenses.

Increased Home Value

Are you aware that by installing a solar system at home you can increase your property value by 3-4 percent? Homes with solar panels go for significantly more than what they would without on real estate. Evidently, an average solar system can add up to $15,000 to your home value.

As per numerous researches, homeowners with solar systems not only reclaim the initial cost of their solar systems when they sell their property, but also receive a premium. A home with its own solar system has an attractive appeal on the property market. It is a smart investment as homeowners these days are looking for dwellings that are energy-efficient.

Sell Surplus of Electricity

You can sell electricity that you are not using. It is quite interesting and lucrative as you can actually make some bucks with your solar panels in some states. Several states have a net metering policy that permits you to sell any surplus amount of electricity, which is one of the advantages of installing a home solar system.

Net metering is an electricity billing process that allows consumers to receive credits from the surplus power their home solar system generates or adds to the electricity grid. You can contact electricity companies who are willing to purchase an excess of power from you.

Freedom to Go Off the Grid

Dependency on the solar system gives you the freedom from centralized grids. When you can get your own energy, you can go completely off the grid and become self-sufficient. This way, you will never have to suffer the inconsistent supply and you will have a sustainable energy source. You can add extra independence by placing a battery backup to your solar power system.

Solar systems with a battery backup and storage option can provide an off-grid setup, which will generate electricity even after a power cut or during the night hours. Your energy needs will be independent of the pressure that the energy grid is experiencing amid ongoing power demand surges.

It is Not That Expensive

If you are hesitating about getting a solar panel on the basis that it will cost you a fortune, you can relax. While the installation cost for a solar system at home may seem a bit much, there are several government schemes and subsidies that provide rebates to help with the initial expense. Besides, these costs are one-time as your solar system will reduce or eliminate your energy bills over time and you don’t have to spend a single penny on maintenance.

The upfront costs seem daunting, but by installing a solar system at your home, you are planning for long-term benefits such as decreased utility expenses over time. These costs can also be eliminated through a smart solar setup with battery backups and storage units, which will fulfill your power needs come rain or shine.

Low and Easy Maintenance

One of the advantages of a home solar system is that it is very easy to maintain. Solar panels are strong and durable and can last several years without requiring much maintenance. All you require is to wash the dust and dirt off the solar panels seldom each year, which is the only kind of maintenance you need for your system.

Removing any dirt or debris such as leaves from the surface of the panels will increase their efficiency and you will get optimum performance. If you are too busy to do it yourself, you can hire professionals to do the cleaning bit for you. However, doing this task yourself is fairly simple and you should be able to accomplish it quite easily a few times in a year.

Easy to Install

Installing a solar system is quite simple and easy. It can be set up almost anywhere, and it doesn’t even take up extra space. Solar systems come in various sizes, making them a flexible and versatile source of energy. They can be installed in remote locations as well which is a big advantage.

You can easily install them – just have your documentation ready, order the equipment, and get a professional to fasten the panels on your roof or wherever you want. Then get the approval and interconnection, and you are all set.

Guaranteed Performance

A home solar system guarantees premium performance. The majority of service providers and manufacturers provide long warranties to confirm the functionality of your solar system for a long time. Some even offer a warranty for up to 25 years. You should not encounter any malfunction or incompetence in your setup’s operation, but if it happens, your warranty should cover the expenses.

However, these warranties will not be honored if the company shuts down. The market is overrun by so many service providers that it is quite possible to get confused and pick the wrong one, which can ultimately affect your solar setup. So you must carefully choose your service provider to make sure that your setup works smoothly and your warranty upholds.

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