Andea Introduces ‘Magic Bar Soap’ that Cleans River Water

It is obvious that laundry soaps help in keeping the clothes clean. But how about a soap that cleans the river? That’s new right. Andea, a mineral water brand of Cusco, Peru and Creative Agency Fahrenheit DDB has introduced a soap under the initiative ‘AWA Project’ –  that cleans river water. This bar soap has reimagined a way to eliminate river pollution in a time of water crisis.

With depleting water levels and increasing pollution, clean usable water has become absolutely scarce. Around 160 million people globally collect water for consumption from untreated sources, which exposes the population to health risk. The rivers are polluted – one reason is the ancient practice of cleaning clothes in the rivers.

Traditionally, people used natural chemical-free powders and gram flour to wash their clothes. As technologies improved, chemical soaps became more popular and cheaper. These harmful detergents have replaced the traditional powders, releasing pollutants in water. One country that is particularly affected by this practice is Peru. Since the dawn of civilization, it is a tradition of washing clothes near river banks. The tradition is attributed to Inca origin, as it gives an opportunity to village women for socializing.

AWA soap cleans river

Village women of Peru using AWA to wash their clothes near the riverbanks | Image: Andea

An interesting initiative has been started in the Andean country by a mineral water company called Andea, established for the purpose to preserve the culture while also purifying the water. This practice helps to reduce stomach diseases and infection after consuming contaminated water. The company Andea wondered if they can come up with an idea to use this traditional custom to their advantage, instead of polluting, what if these practices can help clean the rivers – that’s how AWA kick-started.

AWA Initiative introduces 'Magic Soap' that Cleans River Water

AWA Initiative introduces ‘Magic Soap’ that Cleans River Water | Image: Andea

After two years of extensive research, the company discovered a microbe that has probiotic qualities. The microbe neutralizes the pollutants in the river and improves the quality of water by 75%. The unique aspect of this soap is to introduce the microbes into the soap bars.

While cleaning clothes at the riverbank with the AWA soap, the particles containing the microbe get released into the water, contributing to purification. The company has distributed the soap for free among the population so that laundering becomes the opposite of being a polluting act.

Andea is looking forward to expanding its ‘AWA’ initiative worldwide | Image: Andea

AndeaAndea’s AWA project has solidarity intent and they have opened the formula to government, non-profit organizations, social businesses and soap manufacturing companies. It is open to those who want to incorporate the idea in their process and help Andea expand the impact of their ‘AWA’ initiative. This AWA soap will reach out to people, and even more rivers where these ancient customs are still continued.

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