World First Anti-Pollution Helmet is Made in India

Delhi, famous for its historical architecture, pubs, and bazaars also holds an infamous record under its belt. The capital city of India has topped the global list of the world’s most polluted capitals for four consecutive years. A major chunk of this air pollution comes from vehicular emissions resulting in breathing problems, especially for bike riders who are always on the move. Delhi-based start-up Shellios Technolabs has developed the world’s first anti-pollution helmet to curb this problem.

Dubbed PUROS, these helmets feature air purifiers that eliminate 80 percent of pollutants before they reach the rider’s nostrils causing discomfort. This patented anti-pollution integrated helmet design features an H13 grade HEPA filter membrane and a brushless DC (BLDC) blower fan at the back of the helmet. Both are powered by a battery that runs for six hours.

All these elements add up to reducing contaminants entering the nose. More importantly, the blower is very effective in decreasing visor fogging. In addition, the biker would feel safe, easy, and comfortable while driving with no feeling of suffocation.

The project is government-aided and received seed funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) that has been heavily promoting the idea of anti-pollution helmets as the city braces to welcome the winter season where things go from bad to worse with stinging smog from stubble burning dominating the air.

World First Anti-Pollution Helmets are Made in India

Image: shelliostech

Apart from being loaded with integrated air purifying accessories, the helmet also includes a Bluetooth-enabled app that alerts the rider when the helmet requires cleaning. It has a MicroUSB charging port integrated into the helmet that can be used to charge the batteries powering the filters aforementioned.

The company has been working on the idea, since its incubation in 2016 and as per a report seen by Reuters, the helmet cut levels of lung-damaging PM 2.5 airborne particles to 8.1 micrograms per cubic metre from 43.1 micrograms outside.

World First Anti-Pollution Helmets are Made in India

Image: shelliostech

Boasting a fiberglass shell, PUROS weighs about 1.5kg, but the company is planning to reduce its mass with an alternative like a thermoplastic material. However, it is still in plans for time being. On a little downside, the helmet will cost ₹4,500 ($56). This is six times the price of an ordinary helmet. But with Delhi pollution at its peak during fall, it’s better to spend money on headgear than on medical bills!

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