Rising Temperature is Destabilizing Arctic Circle, States NOAA Report  

Climate change is bad news for every single entity on this planet from wildlife to ice levels. As per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Arctic Report Card, Arctic sea ice witnessed its lowest recorded level in the month of April.

In its sixteenth annual edition, the report mentioned that the time between October 2020 and September 2021 was recorded to be the seventh warmest with high temperatures for land. More than a hundred writers contributed to penning down the reports across twelve nations, highlighting the devastating results of human-induced climate change.

Surface air temperatures are breaking records for the Arctic regions, especially. Reportedly, there has been a rapid increase in carbon footprint in the atmosphere, indicating that atmospheric carbon is probably on the verge of acidifying the entire Arctic Ocean in the near future.

Arctic Report Card 2021

Image: Alexander Grir

Rising global warming not only suggests its future complications on the Artic and the wildlife but also pin-points the direct threat to be faced by the residents of the region. Researchers claimed that warming has been a threat multiplier for Alaska’s people. Once crystal-iced routes have now become a means of passage for ships because of the amplified temperatures.

This whole scenario has exacerbated the situation even more as the ships are highly responsible for the dumping of waste debris and increased pollution levels. Alongside, the noise produced because of the traffic extensively disturbs the wildlife.

The report stated;

The Arctic story is a human story, and we all have a role to play in creating the best possible outcomes for the region, its residents, and all the citizens of the globe who depend on the Arctic as a critical component of our Earth system.

Garbage patches are making their way towards the Arctic region. Other than ship vessels, thermohaline circulation is also contributing in accumulating trash pieces. Plastic from the North Atlantic is being pumped along with the warm water causing ocean pollution and rapid ice melt. With the alarming rates of global warming, there is a high tendency of ice breakage, unleashing ice rivers which will drastically rise the sea levels to obliterate the coastal towns.

A recent report said the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica might collapse within the next three to five years. Scientists revealed that with rapid melting and increased fracturing, the ice sheet will soon collapse and could pose the biggest sea-level rise threat this century.

Rising temperature conditions are disastrous for every part of the ecosystem, including humans. Climate change is the root cause for so many problems like global warming, ice melting, habitat loss and what not! Are we waiting for this planet to come to an end? So far we haven’t done anything impactful for environmental conservation. Don’t think, act before it gets too late!

As it has been said: actions speak louder than words, but when it comes to climate change or human-created climate change, not only our actions are useless but our words hold no value, too! From an unsuccessful summit like COP26 to unheeded reports made on climate change, we as the woke individuals of this planet have completely failed in redeeming Mother Nature.

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