Bangladeshi School Kids Educate People About Tiger Conservation, India can Learn few Things

The majestic tigers are one of the endangered wildlife species. The beautiful skin and other organs of this beautiful animal have made him prone to the poaching and fear-inspired killings. Sundarbans, which are spread through India’s Bengal region and Bangladesh, are home to a large number of tigers in this south-Asian region.

The mangroves of Sundarbans’ delta provide a safe habitat for the big cats. But the fear-inspired killings, poaching, hunting for meat and deforestation are driving these felines out of their home into the open, where they are more prone to the greed of man.

Sundarbans, the only mangrove tiger habitat in the world has been protecting tigers for generations but due to the constant climate change and calamities it brings, the thickets are depleting. The rising tides and fluctuating weather has taken a toll on the mangroves. Since their habitat is getting destroyed, tigers are coming out of jungles and toward the towns and villages, where people get hurt or they hurt this animal.

Efforts are being done on a global level, but the work of school kids in order to protect tigers and their habitat in Sundarbans is really inspiring. The school children in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh are spreading awareness and educating the people about the importance of tiger conservation and protection of mangroves.

School Kids in Bangladesh Educate People About Tiger Conservation, Showed India the Way

Tiger scouts trained by Wild Team organization to help spread awareness on tiger conservation in Sundarbans / Image: WTI

These children have been trained as ‘Tiger scouts’ by Bangladeshi organization Wild Team to become future conservation leaders and deliver the message about the preservation of tigers and their habitat. The children go from home to home talking to people about the serious matter.

Little tiger scouts meet with people and educate them about the consequences of deforestation and hunting. Deer hunting in the area has created a scarcity of food for tigers, so they attack the human settlements which are spreading towards the green areas. Kids try to mitigate the human-animal conflicts during their talks with the natives.

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Initially, people were reluctant to listen to children and mend their ways, but after some time they realize and understand the profound message. After all, nobody will argue and fight with children.

The Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), which is working as a part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) funded Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Program (ITHCP) in the area, brought together the school children from Bangladesh Sundarbans for a three day meet with their Indian counterparts for learning and sharing experience on living with tigers.

School Kids in Bangladesh Educate People About Tiger Conservation, Showed India the Way

Tiger scouts sharing their experience with their Indian counterparts / Image: WTI

This event was attended by many school children, teachers and forest officers. Tiger scouts shared their mode of work and emphasized the importance of the young generation to take up the responsibility to save Sundarbans and its wildlife.

WTI aims to develop a tiger scout platform similar to the one in their neighboring country, in order to bring a lasting positive change in the mindset of the populace living around the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, and thus successfully save the mangrove and its tigers for the generations to come.

Such initiatives are necessary in times like these when the tiger population is decreasing day by day. If the people still don’t mend their thoughts and ways, future generations might see the beautiful tigers in the pictures only.

Via: News18

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