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MIT Scientists Could Reverse Climate Change With Space Bubbles

MIT Scientists Could Reverse Climate Change With Space Bubbles

A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believes to have found a solution to mitigate the worse climate change. Or, at least, it could ease some global warming issues. They have created film-like silicon bubbles that scientists refer to as “space bubbles.”

Brachystelma attenuatum

Plant Species Believed Extinct Spotted Again in Himachal Pradesh

Researchers from the Botanical Survey of India in Dehradun and Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla on Thursday said they have rediscovered a rare, threatened, and presumed extinct plant species, Brachystelma attenuatum, after a long gap of 188 years. In Himachal Pradesh, researchers have successfully rediscovered

Superworms Capable of Eating and Surviving on Polystyrene

Superworms Have an Appetite for Polystyrene

You know what baffles me the most is how humankind creates tonnes of problems for itself and then looks at other living things to help resolves those crises. Take plastic pollution for instance. The non-biodegradable material has infiltrated every inch of the planet, from the