Chinese Hotel with Polar Bear Enclosure Draws Worldwide Criticism!

A Chinese hotel built around a central polar bear enclosure has drawn widespread criticism for allowing its guests to stay alongside polar bears. This Polar Bear Hotel has received immediate condemnation from conservationists for keeping the animals of the endangered species enclosed in an artificial habitat.

Part of the Harbin Polarland theme park in the city of Harbin in the country’s northeastern corner, this hotel promises round-the-clock bear viewing from all 21 rooms and dining areas. Harbin Polarland’s official WeChat account said in a post – “Whether you’re eating, playing, or sleeping, polar bears will keep you company.”

Conservationists and animal rights organizations have reacted with outrage, urging people to stay away from establishments profiting from the misery of the animals. A video shows two polar bears being photographed by crowds under warm lights, in a space consisting of fake rocks, icicles, and a white painted floor.

Peta Asia’s vice-president, Jason Baker said,

Polar bears belong in the Arctic, not in zoos or glass boxes in aquariums – and certainly not in hotels. They are active for up to 18 hours a day in nature, roaming home ranges that can span thousands of miles, where they enjoy real life.

While the hotel is fully booked over a trial period until May, some Chinese social media users have expressed unease at the captive treatment of the animals.

One person wrote – “A panoramic prison for polar bears … Haven’t we learned anything about animal cruelty?”

Chinese Hotel with Polar Bear Enclosure Draws Worldwide Criticism

Image: AFP

This exhibit of polar bears in the Harbin hotel reminded people of the treatment of Pizza, which was called the world’s saddest polar bear in 2016 after it was put in a glass enclosure in a Chinese shopping mall and exhibited signs of distress. After an extensive global campaign calling for the bear’s release, Pizza was moved to an aquarium to reunite with its mother.

Many wildlife species are threatened by rapidly changing climatic conditions. Although many endangered species have thrived in captivity, a big animal such as the polar bear is not adaptable to live happily in an enclosed space.

Via: The Guardian 

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