Bengaluru Celebrates Ganeshotsav with Idol made of 9,000 Coconuts

The celebrations of the ten-day festival for birth of Lord Ganesh’s birth has commenced from today. Thousands of pandals have been installed throughout the country and people are rejoicing over the occasion. Thankfully this year, many people have opted for eco-idols of Bappa in order to save the environment.

Ganesh Idol made from coconuts in Bengaluru / Image: Maharashtra Times

A 30 feet high eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesh has been installed near Puttengally Ganesh Temple in Bengaluru. This unique effigy is made of 9,000 coconuts and put together by 70 devotees, who worked for the past 20 days to make it a reality. Also, keeping in mind the eco-friendly celebrations, 20 other vegetables have been used to decorate the temple for the festivity.

Devotees during the making of Ganesha idol / Image: Social News

Mohan Raju, a devotee, said that it is an annual practice of the temple to install eco-friendly idols of Ganpati that are made of materials which can be used again. Last year, the idol of the lord was made of sugarcane.

Along with Ganesha idol, one ton of halva will be prepared by chefs who are called specially for this purpose. Ganesh idol will be removed after 5 days and all coconuts and vegetables will be distributed along with halva to devotees.

Said the devotee.

Intricately detailed Ganesh Idol / Image: Twitter

In Udaipur, Leela Ram Sharma, a retired school teacher has also made a 5.5 ft. high idol using 425 coconuts. Sharma has been supporting and making the eco celebration of the festival possible since the ‘80s.

The retired teacher has been spreading awareness about the disastrous effects of immersions of PoP idols in water bodies. A clay artist in idol-making business in the city reveals that the making of eco-friendly idols started in May, so it could meet the demands of devotees.

Leela Ram Sharma’s Ganesh Idol made from coconuts / Image: Udaipurkiran

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It seems like this year Bappa has brought a conscience to his devotees. Given the demand for eco-friendly idols of lord pre-celebration, it is quite obvious that this year the water bodies will be spared to some extent.

The efforts must continue and celebrations for such a grand festival should be green and environmentally-friendly.

Via: ANI

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