Contra-Rotating Vertical Turbines to Double Energy Production

Wind power has become an essential source of renewable energy in times when humankind is working toward shedding its dependency on fossil fuels. While there are many big companies generating significant amounts of wind power, Norway-based firm World Wide Wind is developing a new type of floating, contra-rotating vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) to improve and double energy production.

Reportedly, the company promises more than double the output of the world’s biggest turbines. The VAWTs will feature two sets of blades, which will contra-rotate. The hefty components are located near the bottom, giving the turbines a lower center of gravity.

The company’s innovative design, called the contra-rotating vertical turbine (CRVT) functions as two VAWTs in one. While the lower one rotates around the stem of the tower, the higher one is installed at the top. Each VAWT rotates in the opposite direction. This setup doubles the relative speed of rotation, consequently, producing more electricity.

Contra-Rotating Vertical Turbines

Image: World Wide Wind

The world’s largest wind turbine is MingYang Smart Energy 16.0-242 at 794 feet tall, with a capacity of 16 MW. However, World Wide Wind claims that they can easily surpass that amount as their system can rise to a height of 1,312 feet tall, offering a gigantic capacity of producing 40 MW per unit.

Currently, the company is working on producing more CRVTs via rapid prototyping. They aim to have a 3 MW model up and running by 2026, while one of the 40 MW machines ready by 2029.

If the firm succeeds in this venture, it shall revolutionize the wind power industry. World Wide Wind has already announced partnerships with Uppsala University, Sinted, North Wind, Kjeller Vindteknik, Norwegian Energy Partners, and the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.

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