Diana Scherer Creates Patterned Root Material that can Capture Carbon

An Amsterdam-based German artist, Diana Scherer has created a patterned root material that can be used to capture carbon. After the long-term experiment on grounded plant parts with plant biologists at Radboud University in Nijmegen to understand the core systems, she has perfected the process of manipulating plant roots into intricate and textile-like patterns.

Diana Scherer’s ‘interwoven’ series in 2017 exhibited braids, spirals and motifs, attracted the interest of the design world, bringing attention to plant root application in designing.

The work is inspired by the fascination with the manipulation of roots of plants. After the seeds are sowed with buried mold, they take weeks to grow and take shape. After uprooting, the plant is kept alive in the water, which stays intact for a week. The roots are detached and used to create a lace-like textile.

diana scherer's intricately patterned roots could be a carbon capturing eco-material

Image: Designboom

The designers claimed that it would take at least five years before rootwork can be used to make textiles. With the potential partnership with TU Delft ahead, the designer addresses the main challenge – ensuring that the plant root textile is stronger while also being beautiful and lace type.

diana scherer's intricately patterned roots could be a carbon capturing eco-material

Image: Diana Scherer

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At exhibitions, the artist presents the work in three stages of transformation – the documented photos, fresh living works and the dried pieces.

diana scherer

Image: Diana Scherer

The designer stated that the plant roots can capture carbon and are the perfect eco-friendly material. The goal is to bio-fabricate textiles that grow below the ground without external energy.

Via: Designboom

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