Did You Know “Indian Cow” is Only Animal to Exhale Oxygen and Peacocks are Brahmachari (Celibate)?

Cow exhale oxygen and peacocks

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The holy cow fever has reached Indian Judiciary after politicians and cow vigilantes. Justice Mahesh Chandra at the Rajasthan High Court, who had recently asked the Centre to declare cow as the national animal, has stunned scientists and biologists with his fresh remarks over the miraculous respiratory system of cows.

In an order, he referred to some unknown researches and established that the cow is sacred because it’s the only animal that exhales oxygen. Now, he has brought peacock into the limelight by claiming that peacocks refrain from sexual intercourse and are Brahmachari (celibate). Their reproduction is divine and peahen only needs to drink the tears of a peacock to conceive. He gave reference of some scientists who don’t seem to exist anywhere.

Earlier in January this year, the Education Minister of Rajasthan, Vasudev Devnani, was seen addressing people and enlightening them with the same fact about cows. He had claimed that the cow is the only animal in the world that intakes and exhales only oxygen. The minister had embarrassed India at International level and was trolled on social media. He had also requested people to preach this fact to masses and aware them of the relevance of cow.

By this logic, now humankind can solve the problem of lack of oxygen on other planets. Transport cows to a planet and they’ll exhale oxygen. Similarly, by the same logic, we do not need ventilators in hospitals. People can be hooked directly to cow breath for oxygen supply. Instead of planting trees, rear cows. In fact, cows can be used as walking ventilators or air purifiers. India seems to have simply achieved breakthrough discovery in the fight against climate change.

As per English Daily Hindustan Times, Some other logics given by the Justice in possibly his last order before retirement are:

1. That 33 crore gods and goddesses reside inside the cow.

2. Cow urine slows down aging.

3. Drinking cow urine rids one of the sins of the previous life.

4. The cow, through its horns, absorbs “cosmic” energy.

5. Cow dung is known to have killed cholera germs.

6. Mooing of the cow kills the pathogens in the air.

On the serious side of affairs, it’s a huge question mark over India’s governance as people at such responsible positions like Education Ministry and High Court Judge are preaching misleading and illogical information about animals. People are even questioning validity of matriculation certificate of these ministers and honorable judges.

As per science, there is no animal on earth that exhales oxygen (except the release of excess oxygen in some cases). The peacocks mate like any other creature to reproduce. However, it appears that the rush to exploit cow for larger political propaganda is getting a boost from politicians as well as Judiciary.

As a matter of fact, cows are responsible for producing considerable amount of methane- a greenhouse gas. Researchers have established through studies that cows produce methane while having their feed.

It’s pertinent to mention that self-proclaimed cow protection groups have been making International headlines for lynching people on the name of cow protection. The trend of brutally lynching people caught transporting cows has gained momentum after the formation of the new government.

Surprisingly, the apex court hasn’t taken any cognizance of these false and misleading references in HC orders.

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