Doctors Remove 52 kg Plastic, Coins & Pins from Cow’s Stomach in Tamil Nadu

Often, we see animals chewing garbage, knowing well enough that it could be injurious to their health we turn a blind eye to the situation and move along. Such a negligent attitude has led to a shocking incident in Tamil Nadu.

Recently, a team of veterinarians from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) operated on a cow for more than five hours and removed 52 kg of plastic from its stomach. Besides plastic waste, other items like coins, needles, screws, and pins were also found in the retrieved trash, which the animal is alleged to have been consuming for past two years.

The cow was brought to TANUVAS in Vepery, Chennai, by its owner P Munirathnam. The cow was having problems yielding milk even though it had given birth to its third calf less than a month ago. It was also having difficulty urinating and defecating and kept kicking its stomach with one of its legs.

Doctors Removed 52 kg of Plastic Waste from Cow’s Stomach in Tamil Nadu

The cow is recovering slowly after the surgery / Image: India Today

When the veterinarians diagnosed the cow, the tests and X-rays revealed that a surgery was required. The surgery started at 11 am and lasted till 4:30 pm and a huge amount of plastic waste that was clogging 75 percent of its stomach was retrieved. Now, the animal is recovering slowly.

Doctors Removed 52 kg of Plastic Waste from Cow’s Stomach in Tamil Nadu

52 kg of plastic waste was removed from the cow’s stomach / Image: India Today

It is heart-wrenching to see that voiceless animals have to pay for our carelessness. While it is difficult to monitor what a cattle feeds upon, proper disposal of waste can eliminate the occurrences of such incidents. Careful disposal of waste not only ensures safety of animals but can also help keep the environment clean and healthy.

Via: The News Minute

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