Eco-Friendly House Constructed Atop 40 Feet High Mango Tree

Humans are known to transform and destruct the ecosystem at their convenience for ages. Nevertheless, there are few instances where humans sacrifice their ease to comfort the environment. One such example is of a house in Udaipur, which is built atop a 40-foot mango tree, the interesting part is that not even a single tree was cut to construct the house.

Three-Storey House On A 40-Foot Mango Tree

Image: The Better India

Isn’t this a fascinating creation? This thought-provoking house consists two bedrooms along with a kitchen, library and a living area. Ajmer-born businessman Kul Pradeep, owner of this beautiful tree house, explains;

The area where our treehouse stands is known for its fruit trees. People used to sell these fruits from over 4,000 trees for a living. But due to an increase in population, they started cutting the trees down.

The 75-year-old businessman decided that he would not harm any tree in any way. Initially, a property dealer rejected his idea of not damaging trees for building a house. Therefore, Pradeep took it as a challenge and constructed this awe-inspiring house. The house took a year for its completion with the help of an architect.

Three-Storey House On A 40-Foot Mango Tree

Image: The Better India

Earlier the mango tree was about 20-feet-tall and the house was built with two floors. The house has been made using steel and the ground is supported by the tree trunk. The walls and floors of the house are made of cellulose sheet.

Mr. Singh mentions;

You can see branches inside our kitchen and bedroom. We make necessary changes in the structure according to the growth of the tree. Birds and small animals who dwell in the tree are now our family members. To co-exist with other living beings is an absolute pleasure, and we love their company.

The tree showed tremendous growth from 20 feet to 40 feet within the past eleven years. The house has three floors but originally it consisted of two. The attic has single room accompanied by wonderful branches. This treehouse is not ordinary as its name is registered in the Limca Book of Records and it offers a great site for tourists.

Three-Storey House On A 40-Foot Mango Tree

Image: The Better India

Nature has a lot to offer but time and again its beauty and habitats have been demolished by the Homo sapiens because of their selfish reasons. This creative treehouse sets a great example of how humans can environment can co-exist in peace and harmony.

Via: The Better India

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