Man Builds Electric Bike out of Washing Machine Parts

Electric bikes have become a rage in current times, as they are far more environmentally-friendly than traditional ones. The most common e-bikes in the market are priced between $400 to $2000. Recently, one Redditor has created an e-bike by using a 20-year-old bicycle and parts of an old washing machine.

Man Builds Electric Bike out of Washing Machine Parts

An electric bike out of washing machine parts | Image: Reddit @Jimminecraftguy

Redditor, Jimminercraftguy, made a “Spin Cycle” an amazing electric bike built using a 1,100-watt brushless direct current (DC) motor from an old washing machine. The motor is outfitted into the center of his old bike’s frame and linked its drive gear to one of the front chainrings to send power to the back wheel.

The innovator said that the bike is capable of achieving speeds around 110 kph (68 mph). He also added that he is still making improvements to the design, such as the addition of better batteries for extra mileage.

As motor alone cost $102 and came free of charge, so the creator used the spare parts of the washing machine. He steered power to the rear wheel and included a freewheel, so the motor operates without any pedaling. Other than that, all electronics and mounts are custom made.

Pursuing a degree to be an electrician, he says he still has to work on the batteries before he can even consider being close to finishing the project.

Via: Interesting Engineering 

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