France Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circus and Milk Farms

The French parliament has voted in favor of putting a ban on wild animals being used in live circus shows and outlawed milk farming. The law would be implemented straight away, but the policy mentions that all performances should stop within the span of two years and the ownership of wild animals would be outlawed in seven years.

Reportedly, live dolphin shows and mink farming will also be banned, after being signed into law by President Emmanuel Macron. The penalties for animal abuse have been increased up to $85,000 USD and up to five years of prison time.

The ban is being questioned for not including all wild animals in zoos and other entertainment shows. Evidently, the law leaves out several cruel practices including hunting and bullfighting. Meanwhile, some circus owners criticized the law and more than a hundred circus owners in France are likely to protest against the ban. But the authorities have assured to give $9.2 million USD to affected occupants.

France bans wild animals in circuses

Image: Stephanie Lefebvre/AP

Animal cruelty has been in practice for a very long time but nowadays people are quite woke and the issue is being addressed slowly. France has added itself to the list along with 20 other European countries that have previously banned or restricted the use of wild animals for entertainment purposes.

A wide range of people showed their support for the ban on wild circus animals via poll. Numerous cases of animal abuse from the past few years including the death of an ailed performing bear called Mischa in 2019, who was saved from animal trainers, were reported in France, which further added to the momentum for implementing the ban.

The law is undeniably a ray of hope for wild animals that are being exploited in the name of entertainment for ages. We need more strict rules and regulations for other wild practices like hunting and bullfighting, globally.

Via: The Guardian 

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