“Free Safari” for Farmers in Bandipur Forest to Prevent Man-Made Fires

Due to incidents of man-animal conflicts,  there has always been a conflict between farmers and Forest Department officials. In a bid to prevent man-made wildfires in Bandipur Tiger Reserve, the department has taken several measures including a ‘free safari’ for farmers living on the periphery of the forests, to build a good relationship to encourage them not to harm the wildlife.

“Free Safari” for Farmers in Bandipur Forest to Prevent Man-Made Fires

Free safari for farmers in Bandipur Tiger Reserve / Image: Deccan Herald

The ‘free safari’ in the forest will be available for any farmer, possessing an identity card issued by the Panchayat Development Officer, or Department of Agriculture. During the safari, the department personnel will explain the importance of forest and its benefits to farmers.

Last summer, a wildfire destroyed more than 11,000 acres of the forest. It was suspected that some miscreants had set a fire in the forest, claiming that tigers and leopards have been attacking domestic animals.

To prevent such episodes from happening again, the forest officials are taking initiative to build a more confident and friendly relationship with the farmers. The aim is to acquire the support of the locals and spread awareness among the farmers to protect the forest and its resources.

The farmers are enthusiastic about the department’s new initiative and it is hoped that this plan will improve the relationship between them. More such steps are required to be taken to preserve the wildlife.

Via: Deccan Herald 

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