Dream Job – Get Paid to Sort Mail & Count Penguins in Antarctica

Looking for a job in the remotest place on the earth? Well, there is an offer for you and it also allows you to count penguins for money. No kidding! This job opportunity is available right now and you can apply for it.

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for new staff for the Port Lockroy base in Antarctica. The successful applicants will have to run the post office while counting and monitoring penguins as they hatch. However, the catch is that they have to manage things without the luxury of internet access, running water, and all-day electricity.

If you can live without all these luxuries, the vacancies are open for various roles. You can apply for the role of a shop manager, base leader, post office assistant, and gift shop assistant. The job will begin from November 2022 to March 2023, according to the trust. These seasonal vacancies are open for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

Dream Job Alert! Get Paid To Sort Mail & Count Penguins in Antarctica

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However, the conditions at the location to survive without an internet connection, no running water access, and electricity are really difficult to manage over a long stint of time. This might make many people tap out with obvious reasons linked to the harsh Antarctic geography. But if you are someone looking for an opportunity to stay away from the modern world – and “count penguins,” you can apply for the job.

You can send your application by April 25, 2022. However, only people with a permit to work in the UK are eligible for this job, which will pay them approx $1600 per month. If you are interested, you can visit the trust’s website for going ahead with this unique opportunity. But do read all the terms and conditions carefully before applying Good luck!

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