World’s First Edible and Dissolvable Stock Cube Packaging Made from Pea Protein

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, which is one of its major drawbacks. Plastic is widely used in food packaging, a toxic practice to which many manufacturers are trying to find eco-friendly substitutes. Establishing itself as a substitute for plastic packaging, Gousto’s edible packaging has become the world’s first to be made from pea protein and is dissolvable in hot water.

The development of the product took around fifteen years. The edible packaging is made by engineering and drying the pea protein material into sheets that have the same benefits as plastic.

Gousto Recipe Box is recognized to deliver beforehand measured ingredients with the required instructions to prepare meals. The company recently developed the edible cube with the University of Cambridge spinout, Xampla.

World’s First Edible and Dissolvable Packaging Made from Pea Protein

Image: Gousto

The stock cube wrapper is claimed to be the world’s first edible wrapping to be made from pea protein. Moreover, it is acknowledged to be vegan and gluten-free.

The product is also commonly labelled as a plant protein polymer, natural polymer or protein polymer. The company became a certified B Corporation, which now trials the flavorful stock cube packaging to replace its existing stock mix sachets, for a plastic-free stock.

Gousto's Edible Packaging from pea protein

Image: Gousto

Simon Hombersley, CEO of Xampla said;

Our process for manufacture includes the use of vinegar, but none remains in the final product. This process of controlling the self-assembly of proteins is how we create the strong, flexible film – precise formulation of the material is a trade secret, but everything is 100% natural, we use no synthetic materials in our product or process.

Amazingly the kit meal creators were able to cut 50 percent of the plastic with their packaging alternative. The creation is indeed quite remarkable as it supports sustainability while meeting the business needs.

World’s First Edible and Dissolvable Packaging Made from Pea Protein

Image: Gousto

Via: Food Navigator

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