Indian States to Introduce Green Crackers for Pollution-Free Festivity

The festive season is knocking at our doors and with the arrival of these joyful times, the risk of the rise in global air pollution is also prevailing. Celebration of such festivities is majorly accompanied by burning firecrackers which tend to contribute not only to deteriorating the Air Quality Index (AQI) but they are designed to produce a lot of noise pollution which consequently harm nature and the wildlife.

In order to resolve this festive obliteration, quite a few UT and state governments in India including Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Bihar have issued strict directions or a complete ban on the use of firecrackers.

What would be your Green Take for The Forthcoming Festive Seasons

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The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) imposed a blanket ban for the usage of firecrackers from September 29, 2021 till January 1, 2022. Some state governments such as Punjab has banned the manufacture and distribution of joined firecrackers, allowing only some green crackers for sale and bursting.

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What are green crackers and are they completely pollution-free?

Green crackers are types of crackers, which do not contain barium and compounds of antimony, lithium, mercury arsenic, lead or strontium. These crackers are definitely better than the firecrackers as they’re made by less polluting raw materials, which subsequently reduces the impact caused by suppressing the dust particles. Green crackers are indeed superior to the traditional firecrackers but nonetheless, they are not entirely 100 percent pollution-free alternatives yet.

Green or not, crackers should be anyway avoided as they are commonly known for impacting the health of humans and wildlife adversely. Fumes of firecrackers further add to the thick blanket of smog which elevates breathing problems, the particles of the smoggy air can even penetrate one’s bloodstream causing severe health problems, which we cannot afford especially in COVID times.

Nowadays most people are inclining towards beautiful sky lanterns as a substitute for firecrackers. These sky lanterns are claimed to be biodegradable by some companies but it is not absolutely true so it is better to take all the possible measures to protect the environment.

Festivals like Diwali brings utmost joy in our lives so it becomes our responsibility to make these festivals pleasant for others including our surroundings.

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Green crackers on Diwali

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What would be your Green Take for The Forthcoming Festive Seasons

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