Heinz to Make Recyclable, Paper-Based Ketchup Bottles Using Wood Pulp

You may soon find Heinz Tomato Ketchup available in recyclable, paper-based bottles. The Kraft Heinz Company has announced its plan of making prototype plastic-free bottles. They will make these eco-friendly bottles using 100% sustainably-sourced wood pulp. For their innovative paper bottles, the company is joining hands with Pulpex’s patented paper-based bottle technology.

With the new makeover, Heinz aims to check the potential of Pulpex’s eco-friendly paper bottle packaging. If successful, the company will use it for its various condiments. As per the company, this recent partnership is a major step in reducing its footprint on the environment. It plans to make all of its packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable worldwide by 2025. With this innovation, the company believes that it can attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Heinz and Pulpex together want to understand how this prototype paper bottle technology is beneficial in years to come. According to Pulpex’s existing data, their bottles have a lesser carbon footprint than glass and plastic on a per bottle-by-bottle basis. When empty, these bottles are easy to recycle in paper waste streams.

Heinz to Make Recyclable, Paper-based Ketchup Bottles

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Speaking about the packaging waste in the industry, Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio mentions that it’s an industry-wide challenge to deal with packaging waste. Therefore, they are committed to take strong steps for exploring recyclable, sustainable packaging solutions for their different products. With the use of recyclable, paper-based Heinz bottles, they are trying to blend creativity and innovation while exploring new ways to offer sustainable products to consumers.

After the formation of the sustainable packaging bottles, the company further aims to work on prototype testing. Meanwhile, they will assess the performance before bringing the bottle to market.

Throwing light on their collaboration, Pulpex CEO Scott Winston states that they are happy to work with Heinz. They believe that there’s a huge scope for sustainable, paper-based packaging. And, when big names like Heinz opt for such sustainable means, it’s great news for consumers, as well as the planet.

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